New Website Coming Soon


At some point this Spring, we will be relaunching Whispers of Restoration.

GOAL: Switch gears from a blog that offers some resources, to a resource clearinghouse that hosts a blog. This site will become part of a larger project.

We’ve had so many requests for recommendations and shareable resources, this begins to appear as a serious need – especially among Catholic just beginning to “wake up in the Matrix” of the current ecclesial crisis.

We recognize a number of obstacles to this wake-up process, which we are taking into account for our relaunch:

  1. Lack of time/inclination. Like it or lump it, most lay Catholics can’t quit their jobs for a focused study of the ecclesial crisis, its origins and solutions. Furthermore, attempting to do so “in small bites” is rendered more difficult as the devolution accelerates.
  2. Catholic Tradition can appear imposing. Catholic converts from heretical sects for centuries attest to the mental obstacle of even broaching the subject (much less attending that Mass): all that Latin and otherworldliness is so unfamiliar, unnerving, unsafe… and sloth is a ready temptation.
  3. Some Catholic “traditionalists” are jerks. While this has not been an experience of ours at Whispers, we hear this complaint enough. If one’s only exposure to the traditional faith has been at the hands of gnostic grumps or scandal-mongers, it can increase the temptation to intellectual pride and make a refusal to seek the truth that much easier.
  4. Many traditional Catholic resource sites are clunky. Until some well-funded Catholic media group wakes up and gets working at the kind of initiative we have in mind, little traditionalist websites will continue to lag behind the tech curve. In a market where “pro-look” for many equals legitimacy, this is a challenge.
  5. Whom do you trust? Raised with an innate distrust of “fringe elements,” Catholics often dismiss sources under taint of extremism. Leaving aside the problem of what to do when the fringe element is the only one retaining the Faith (as during the Arian crisis), poisoned wells and author bias doesn’t help.
  6. Where do you start? Many have experienced that when someone finally asks the fateful: “What is going on? How did we get here?” one is left nearly at a loss on where to begin. Which resources to recommend, and at what “stage” of a person’s awareness of the devolution? We’ve been there.

Other things we should consider for relaunch? Share them below or contact us.

Stay tuned!


  1. While we certainly need the “whispers” that are of a true restoration of the so many lost things, the whispers are in the midst of a gale storm.


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